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About Us

ZEIT.WORKS - the name symbolizes the simple fact that with time everything changes, but also that time is necessary to mature and create something beautiful.  The marks of time and the patina of the vintage car interiors are the core of our design - ZEIT.WORKS.

Each ZEIT.WORKS piece is unique - telling you the story of the car where the material came from - impossible to duplicate. All ZEIT.WORKS designs are handmade by us in our workshop in Canada. 

Behind the Scenes ...

I am Sven, a German-Canadian Artist, who is obsessed with classic cars. I love the transformative process of creating each bag based on the character of the material and the character of the car. Still, just creating an art object, is not enough. Quality and functionality must speak for each piece - turning heads everywhere they travel.

I was born and grew up in an automotive town named Zwickau in East Germany. Maybe it was the contrast between the reality of being surrounded only by Trabants on the roads and all the exotic cars I saw on television that caused my obsession with classic cars - who knows, that was a long time ago. 

Today, I am designing and creating with a small team of local artists in my workshop in rural Canada. We focus on unique bags and accessories from vintage car interiors.